Tuscany vacation villas

Beautiful holiday villas available to rent in Tuscany

Tuscany vacation villas

Villa Gamberaia at Settignano, near Florence.

On many websites offering vacation accommodations in Tuscany, almost any stand-alone house in Tuscany is referred to as a "villa". In fact, a true Tuscan villa is almost always a much larger structure than a Tuscan farmhouse, for example, and has a very different style of architecture. Tuscan farmhouses, on the whole, are the result of "organic" growth over long periods of time and are among the most attractive examples of vernacular architecture in the world. Tuscan villas range from the vast numbers of large 19 C structures that you will see dotted throughout Tuscany, to the classic Renaissance and Renaissance-inspired villas very often characterised by the integration of the villa and its formal garden. Villa Gamberaia, above, is a wonderful example of this. True Tuscan villas differ from farm houses basically because they are the result of conscious initial design. 

Holiday-makers visiting Tuscany have a huge choice in terms of vacation rentals at highly competitive prices. Basically, you should think carefully about what kind of accommodation you want and search within that sector, but taking into account the indiscriminate use of the term "villa". The options are a villa on the grand scale, a farm house, an apartment or room. The Bed & Breakfast category spans all of these different types of accommodation, including B&B in a genuine Tuscan villa. In addition, important decisions are in town or in the country, swimming pool or no swimming pool.

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Tuscany vacation rentals

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